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Behavioral Health

The demand for behavioral healthcare is overwhelming, and many challenges lie ahead for providers seeking to meet this need. Which innovative strategies is your organization pursuing to increase access to care, improve outcomes, and maintain operational and financial sustainability?

Behavioral Health

The connection between physical and mental health is increasingly being acknowledged, which presents an opportunity to improve health outcomes and drive down the total cost of care. This more holistic understanding is emerging as disruptive market forces—such as legislative changes, expanded access, increased demand, limited provider supply, and a highly fragmented market—are creating both challenges and opportunities for innovation. Providers and payers must rise to the challenge and develop enduring strategies to meet the demands of emerging integrated care models, nontraditional partnerships, and value-based reimbursement.
  1. How do providers and health systems address these challenges and opportunities while facing a strain on behavioral health resources and increased operating expenses? The opportunity for market consolidation and care delivery partnership—focused on integrated physical and behavioral healthcare—creates the potential for change to the care delivery model and reimbursement. MHC can help providers and payers navigate existing access issues, design new strategies, and optimize financial resources.
What Our Clients Say

MHC helped us to understand the true demand on our behavioral health services, as well as workflow and throughput issues that constrained our capacity to serve our community. Together, we identified strategic planning opportunities around staffing, resources, capital investments, and reimbursement to develop regional partnerships that improve access to behavioral health services.”

Asia Dean , Director, Strategy and Business Development

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Behavioral Health

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Katie Fellin, Partner

Katie Fellin
Partner, Washington D.C.

Tessa Kerby, Associate Principal

Tessa Kerby
Associate Principal, Seattle

Trent Iden, Principal

Trent Iden
Principal, Washington D.C.

Ben Colton, Partner

Ben Colton
Partner, Seattle

Asif Shah Mohammed, Partner

Asif Shah Mohammed
Partner, Washington D.C.

David Nienhueser, Senior Manager

David Nienhueser
Senior Manager, Chicago


Pediatric Providers Have Declared a National Emergency in Child and Adolescent Mental Health

The national emergency in child and adolescent mental health is heartbreaking. Here’s what your organization can do about it.

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